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Water leaks, appliance overflows or broken pipes can lead to irreversible and costly damage in your property. When the first signs appear, taking action fast is critical for reducing the long term costs of a late mitigation.

If you’re dealing with water damage, fast response is critical to a successful restoration. That’s the reason why we are available 24/7 to give you immediate support so we can help you restore your property back to normal. Leverage our extensive network of trusted experts and years of experience to get your water damage repaired immediately.
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From a simple leak to a flooded basement or a broken pipe, we are here to help you recover your property. Our extensive team of experts have the tools, skills and experience to quickly restore your home, building or business.


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Why does Water Damage Happen?

What are the most common causes of water damage in Greenacres?

There are many factors or events that may lead to a property damage issue. We have listed a series of events that cause water damage for Greenacres and Palm Beach residents: Fast Floods from Intense Rain – Storm Drain Backup – Defective Plumbing Services – Frozen, Burst or Broken Pipes that may Flood your Property – Leaking Heaters – Leaky Walls or Roofs – HVAC Issues – Appliance leaks – Fridge leaks – Sump Pump Failure – Shower Overflow – Sewage Backups – Toilet & Sink Overflows

How much will it cost?

Depending on your insurance coverage, most policies will cover a wide range of water damage events that may occur in your property.

However, what are the main factors that weight the most when fixing the price of a water damage repair? It’s difficult to predict the total amount of $ that the restoration may cost but these are the main factors that the companies will take into account when giving you a quote: Size of the area – Difficulty of mitigating the origin of the water damage (leak, pipe, flood, …) – Grade of difficulty and hours needed to efectively extract the water – The amount of surface damage presented – The amount of reconstruction needed to restore the property back to normal – Whether mold or bacteria has developed – Materials that need to be removed or replaced – Amount of time or difficulty to dry the place
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Our professionals use a proven process that helps hundreds of Palm Beach County residents recover their damaged assets:


When calling us or submitting our form, we will talk to you right away and connect you with a Greenacres local pro who will address your issues and provide you with an accurate estimation.


Once the restoration pro has arrived to your property, he or she will carry out an inspection so the damage can be assessed.

Once the inspection is finished, the team will define the project scope, estimate the lenght and budget needed for the restoration and create a course of action.

The first step implies going to the source of the issue so the team can prevent the disaster from happening in the future.

This involves curring of the pipes´ waterflow, removing pipes, fixing a wall or an appliance, HVAC…

Once the issue has been adressed and the course of action is created it’s time to start the recovery process.

The team will the begin with the water mitigation procedure. This may involve: – Removing damaged furniture, appliances or building materials – Protecting the integrity of the structural components of the property – Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces or household materials – Extracting the water with pumps or commercial-grade equipment

After extracting all the water from your property, the team will dry out the place with special equipment, clean all the surfaces and sanityze the proferty to prevent further issues such as mold appearance. At this stage we will help you with prevention too.

The experts will also conduct moisture tests to ensure the humidity levels are back to normal.

The final step to a successful property restoration is reconstruction of the elements that have been irreversibly damaged.

Depending on the severity and scope of the damage, reconstruction could be needed to a greater or lesser extent. This is why we always recommend to act fast when the first signs appear. Delaying the repair of water damage may result in severe material, appliance or structural damage.

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How we Work

Having helped hundreds of home-owners across Florida, Greenacres Water Pros is a free local service that was created to help property owners save time, money and stress when in need of a water damage restoration company.

Let us do all the contractor screening, save time and find the best pro in Greenacres for your specific case in a matter of seconds. Our free service connects you with a trusted local water damage restoration expert which will help you restore your property back to normal with the best customer support and guarantees. Over the years, we have helped thousands of property owners with water damage issues and we’re confident we can help you too!



Fill out a simple form or call (+1) 561-448-9157 so we can understand your needs. We will contact you regarding your water damage, mold, disaster restoration or leak issue



Comparing companies may be difficult when a disaster happens. We partner with Florida local pros to help you find a company that can help you with these issues in Greenacres, Palm Beach, FL. With Greenacreswaterpros wou will get an instant quote and immediate high quality assistance.



A local pro will arrive to your facility, addressing the issue and completing the job with a high quality service.

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Finding the best water damage restoration company in Greenacres, FL can be a confusing and lengthy process. Lots of companies and not much time to check every single pro in the area.

When disaster hits, there is no time to spend on finding a great disaster restoration company. That’s why we created Greenacreswaterpros, a company that does all the contractor screening and connects you with a local company right away. We work with an extensive network of trusted contractors which are ready to help you recover your property back to normal in Greenacres. Commercial or residential, our contractors have years of experience working in both kind of projects and are able to deal with any kind of damage situation. To get started, just call us now. We have an agent ready to take your call and give you an instant quote or send you assistance right away.

Local & Trusted Why choose to work with us?

From the first conversation until the project is completed our team is committed to giving you the best customer experience in Greenacres as well as restoring your property back to normal in the shortest period of time with minimal damage.

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Our pros are ready to help and are available 24/7 in the Palm Beach County. Whenever disaster hits just give us a call and we will answer the phone immediately, providing you with a first class service from a local, experienced and renowned company.

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Our network of pros are available in the Greenacres area, Palm Beach County.

When recovering your property back to normal it’s important to get assistance from a local company which will be ready to get to your home in a matter of minutes.

Great customer service

Customer experience is the first thing here at Greenacres Water Pros, that’s why we always strive to improve and receive a large number of referrals from past customers.

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We help Florida residents save time when in need of a water damage restoration company. When calling us, we route you directly to a local contrator who can help you with home repair issues in Palm Beach County.

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