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When the first signs of mold appear a fast response is critical to restore your property back to normal and prevent mold from recurring. Our experts are available 24/7 and ready to help you with mold issues. We offer a wide range of services within mold damage:


Basement Mold Removal – Mold Testing – Attic Mold Removal – Black Mold Removal – Bathroom Mold Removal – Indoor Humidity Control – Mold Cleanup – Air Quality Testing – Mitigation – Structural Drying – Odor Removal – Basement Mold Removal – Dehumidifying – Carpet Mold Cleanup – HVAC Mold Removal – Mold and Mildew Removal

About Mold Remediation

Why does mold grow?

What causes mold to grow? There are many factors that cause mold such as a humid environtment or a lack of ventilation. Mold is natural and grows everywhere, all you can do is prevent it from growing too much or reaching levels that may cause damage in your property. There are the main causes Greenacres residents get mold on their properties:

mold in a wall

Leaky water pipes – Bad water pipe fixtures – Rain – Humid Environment – Lack of Ventilation – Wet Basement – HVAC Issues – Sink Overflows – Plumbing Issues – Leaking Foundations

How much will mold removal cost?

Without a proper inspection and damage assessment it’s difficult to predict the amount of dollars a mold remediation job will cost. However, in many cases the total cost will vary based on a number of factors. Take also into consideration that your insurance policy may cover most of the costs of a mold remediation job.

Important: Every case is different. In order to get a custom mold cleanup quote call (+1) 561-448-9157 or submit our form.

  • Grade of difficulty to access to the origin of the leak
  • Size of the affected area
  • Cosmetic damage presence
  • Difficulty extracting the water or fixing the origin of the mold growth
  • Amount of work needed to dry the place
  • Whether materials have to be repaired or replaced

Why choose us?

From the initial conversation until the mold has been removed our team is commited to giving you the best customer experience.

Looking for a mold repair company? Our extensive network of experts have years of experience removing mold from all kinds of properties. Commercial or residential, we’ve got you covered.

We work with a network of contractors that are available 24/7 and offer professional mold remediation services in Greenacres, Palm Beach County area. Why choose us for a mold remediation job? Here are some of the reasons:

Fast Response & available 24/7

Our pros are ready to help and available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Whenever you call us we are ready to answer the phone right away.

Get Quotes

Fill the form or call (+1) 561-448-9157 to get an instant quote. Then, after your mold professional arrives, you can request a detailed estimate of the expected total costs.

Get Local Assistance

Our mold remediation contractors serve Greenacres, Florida and have years of experience serving Palm Beach County residents.

We do All the Screening Work

We partnered with a network of Florida-based renowned companies in order to suit your needs best and connect you with the appropiate local contractor in Greenacres.

Mold Remediation Process

Our experts follow a strict process that helps Florida residents get rid of mold:

  1. Get a Quote

    When you call us or submit our form an agent will talk to you right away, providing you with an action plan for your mold issue.

  2. Inspection and Damage Assessment

    When the professional arrives, he or she will carry out a full assessment that will determine the scope of the project and the action plan.

  3. Prevention of further mold damage

    The first step is making sure that healthy areas remain unaffected. The pro will set up a barrier that will prevent the mold from spreading further.

  4. Drying and getting rid of contaminated air

    The negative air machines and dehumidifiers will help reduce humidity levels back to normal as well as dry the affected structural components.

  5. Removing affected materials

    To accelerate the process it’s important to remove all the non-essential materials that have been affected.

  6. Sanitizing and disinfecting the entire area

    To prevent mold from recurring, it’s important to sanitize the whole area. Our pros will use commercial-grade equipment to do so and restore your property back to normal.

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